4 Ways we can save the earth.

April 22 is the <Earth Day> which was established to inform the seriousness of global environmental pollution problem. It was created to protect the global environment in the wake of an oil spill in California in 1969.

Although only a few years ago, many people thought that environmental pollution caused by technology development was inevitable, but now they are gathering opinions to protect the earth even if they do not develop.

Being for the earth is also protecting our humanity. And that is not difficult. Now, we introduce how to protect the earth that everyone can do.
Turn off for 1 hour
“Earth Hour” is an event that lights off for an hour for the Earth. The body of a person is so bright as to need the darkness for the rest, please present the gloom for a moment to the earth suffering every day.

Unplugged electrical outlets
You know that just plugging in the outlet will charge you electricity. Please remove all electrical outlets that do not use such as charger, hair dryer, TV set-top box, microwave oven. Electricity charges can also be saved and the earth can be protected.

Use stairs instead of elevator
Let ‘s exercise for the health of the earth and ourselves. I can see people using elevators or escalators when going up or down a floor in a building. Use the stairs to save electricity and take care of your health on one or two floors.

Reduce the use of disposables
Some time ago, a franchisee coffee shop had a gift-giving event when it brought together a disposable cup. Worldwide cutting is being done to make disposable items such as wooden chopsticks and paper cups, and the earth is suffering from it. Also, disposable products such as aluminum have a decay period of more than 100 years and this also causes pollution of the earth.

Perhaps the activities that save the planet may be frustrating to those who have read the book with anticipation. But it’s too easy to postpone your usual practice.