Concentrate on ecofriendly structures The Star Online

“JOHOR BARU: With a focus on the concept of u201cgoing greenu201d, many property developers here are looking towards building sustainable and environmentally-friendly buildings.
Many of the new properties here feature environmentally-friendly measures such as the use of solar panels, wind turbines, rain harvests as well as segregation dustbins to build the practice of reusing, reducing and recycling.
Johor Baru mayor A. Rahim Nin said that the concept of green buildings would not only be beneficial to the public and government but also in building the nation.
u201cThe increasing number of green buildings, and the focus on the Green Building Index (GBI) is an ideal initiative to battle the issue of global warming,u201d he said during the launching ceremony of the Go Green property fair on March 3.
He commended Kenlink Group and Property Queen for holding the property fair, as it would raise awareness among the public on sustainable and green properties as well as on the GBI.”

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