Eco Warriors making an environmentallyfriendly slug Geographical

“The environmental cost of military activities is significant. Could new u2018eco-bulletsu2019 be an effective solution?
Every year, the US Army fires hundreds of thousands of rounds in combat training at outdoor facilities across the country. While repeatedly discharging bullets, grenades and mortars might be effective practice for hostile environments, it isnu2019t great for the actual environment. Munitions can take hundreds of years to degrade, and, when they do, toxic metals such as lead often leach out contaminating soil, streams and groundwater stores.
Recognising this problem, the US Department of Defense recently issued a request for the development of environmentally-friendly 40mm and 120mm training rounds; new technology which has a significantly reduced environmental impact when left out in the wild. By constructing prototypes out of biodegradable materials such as lignocellulose, soy, and bamboo fibres, they aspire to create rounds which will simply disintegrate over time, therefore having a far reduced impact on the local flora and fauna. Ambitious plans proposed by the US Army Corps of Engineersu2019 Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) go one step further, and suggest special bioengineered seeds could be packed inside these new rounds, meaning soldiers are inadvertently greening the landscape at the same time as undertaking target practice. u2018Animals should be able to consume the plants without any ill effects,u2019 insists the project brief.”

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