Five Tips for Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Zing Blog by Quicken Loans blog

“If you want to be more environmentally sustainable in your lawn care this spring, there are many green methods you could apply to your homeu2019s landscape.
To help you, we got advice from numerous experts. They include: Kevin Williams, partner and lead designer at the landscape design firm Nievera Williams; Chad Vander Veen, communications manager from Purchase Green Artificial Grass and Supplies; and Gena Lorai
e, a horticulturist and plants expert for Fantastic Gardeners.
Avoid Using Stone for Driveways
Williams has been xeriscaping u2013 the practice of installing drought-resistant landscaping u2013 for years. He recommends using more sustainable materials instead of stone for your driveway.
u201cI like to not only use drought-tolerant, wind-tolerant and low-maintenance plant materials, but also sustainable hardscape materials like composite woods and turf stabilizers that limit the need or use of stone for driveways and terraces,u201d says Williams.
Unlike stone, Williams says that plant materials turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and provide habitats for animals u2013 plants are the critical bases of food chains for nearly all ecosystems.
u201cStone is not necessarily bad for the environment, but it is a large conductor of heat and in most cases it is necessary to use stone for more practical and/or functional spaces, as well as egress,u201d says Williams.
Use Industrial Materials”

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