Practical eyecatching and ecofriendly the ice cream parlor bundling challenge Foodprocessing

“As the consumption of confectionery and bakery products continues to rise, so do the expectations of consumers. Not only do they want to be wowed by the taste, they are also becoming choosier about packaging. It has to catch the eye and provide additional functions while also responding to long-term environmental requirements. This is forcing manufacturers of confectionery and baked goods to be more creative and efficient. The good news is that packaging producers and machine manufacturers are able to help out with material-conserving packaging solutions and more efficient production lines.
The confectionery industry goes to enormous lengths to sway consumers with its products. Packaging chocolate and similar delights in appetising wrappers and allowing the product to speak for itself are no longer enough these days. To entice the consumer, manufacturers are digging deeper into their box of tricks, with the latest trends including fun videos and commercials for their products that consumers can watch in the process of consumption.
One of the pioneers of u2018snackertainmentu2019, in which the real and the digital worlds merge, is food giant Nestlu00e9. In a marketing campaign with Google, it has the red rectangular wrappers of u201chave-a-breaku201d Kit Kat printed with QR codes that lead straight to the manufactureru2019s own u2018You Tube my Breaku2019 cha
el. This is where users are entertained in a variety of ways u2014 and thus are cleverly hooked by the product.
What makes the campaign different is that the striking Kit Kat logo with its strong brand identity has been removed from its central position on the wrapper and replaced by YouTube. In addition, Googleu2019s Android operating system was given a brand name in the shape of Kit Kat for the first time in history.
The importance of packaging applies all the more as the selection of sweets and bakery products at the point of sale is constantly growing. More and more, products with traditions going back many years are being joined by sugar-free or sugar- and fat-reduced confectionery. The range of confectionery suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets is also on the increase. In addition, confectionery that is gluten- or lactose-free, halal or kosher can now be found in almost any supermarket.
The packaging conundrum
In the snack sector, said Germanyu2019s Association of the Confectionery Industry (BDSI), the palette is growing in diversity and offering a huge variety of flavours. u201cThanks to this vast diversity, thereu2019s a matching product for every consumer,u201d said Torben Erbrath from BDSI. u201cThe package paves the way into the shopping trolley.u201d
Package designers are therefore faced with a difficult task. They have to publicise the snack with memorable slogans across all possible media and showcase it on the shelves with attention-grabbing colours and shapes.
Spoilt for choice: choosing from such a vast array of products is not easy. Brands and conspicuously packaged goods go down best with consumers. (Photo: Bosch)”

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