Previous hoodlum now makes ecofriendly cleaning items News

“Cape Town u2013 “My biggest fear was that members of other gangs would come during the night and wipe out my family. There is nothing so petrifying.”
That’s what entrepreneur Khululekani Nyobole, 27, says about his days as a gangster in Cape Town.
He told Netwerk24 that his life had changed radically since then and that he had started his own business, Nurturer, in 2016. Nurturer makes affordable, environmentally friendly cleaning products. The products went on sale in February.
Nyobole, who grew up in Khayelitsha, said he’d been very aggressive from an early age.
“It all started when I was nine. My sister and I got into a scrap and I wanted to stab her. I was very aggressive toward my family. My parents felt it was getting out of hand and sent me to the Eastern Cape for a year to change my behaviour.””

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