These EcoFriendly FlipFlops From Sri Lanka Protect the Environment and Workers Footwear News

“Olli natural rubber flip-flops. Courtesy of brand.
When Heather Shuster was vacationing in Hawaii several years ago and forgot to pack her flip-flops, she thought finding a pair in the resort area would be a snap. But according to Shuster, all she could find were inexpensive styles made with plastic and PVC materials that imposed a risk on the environment.
So Shuster decided to take on the challenge of creating a collection of eco-friendly flip-flops, using natural rubber as the basis for her new line, Olli, which launched today on Kickstarter.
u201cAfter much research, I discovered natural rubber, which is a biodegradable, sustainable and comes from a tree,u201d said Shuster, a former high school teacher who co-founded the company with her sister Holly Shuster Van Tilburg. u201cThe only problem was no shoe factories would make it, and I was told it couldnu2019t be done. So I had to find my own raw materials and headed for Southeast Asia to find rubber trees.u201d”

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