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Tarnished Earth is a dramatic street gallery of photographs by Jiri Rezac telling the story of one of the world's biggest ecological disasters.

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Stand up and be counted - join our photo petition to keep tar sands out of Europe.



The Co-operative, WWF-UK, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth Europe collected over 20,000 petition signatories. The petition was delivered to the EU Parliament in March 2011. In response a debate was held in Parliament and the Commission said tar sands would be included in their draft proposals going forwards. This is fantastic progress and thanks to you tar sands may be effectively banned by the end of the year.

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Our first petition saw over 20,000 join our call for the EU parliament to 'Keep tar sands out of Europe'.

Mobilising for a clean energy future

Clean energy currently contributes about 8% of the UKís electricity supply. The UK Government is committed to producing 15% of our energy, about 35-40% of our electricity, from renewable sources by 2020.

It has been estimated that some £550 billion could be required for the UK to hit this target, and that a new public financial institution needs to be created to hasten the timely transition to a low carbon economy.

An independent and well-capitalised Green Investment Bank with the ability to issue bonds could leverage much greater investment from the private sector. Its remit should cover energy efficiency and the full mix of renewables, from off-shore wind to community-scale generation.

Without Government support for clean energy we risk an uncertain future where opportunities for job creation are not realised and the threat of dangerous climate change remains unchecked.